Does talking to your plant help them grow?

Well words have energy and power.They have the ability to help, build up or to break down, to heal or to hurt….so how about practicing your new way positive speech on your plants?

A Little Test

Practice positive healthy words on your plant everyday until it becomes a habit.A great habit that can forever change your life, everyone around you and your plant.

Tell your plant how grateful you are for the good things in your life, gratitude works wonders for your soul.Use a calming and a soothing voice as you practice to grow your LOVE plant in your heart.So life sucks sometimes but make lemonade with the lemons you given.You can tell your plant about your dreams,goals and ambitions…all your secrets…I promise you there will be no gossiping it tattle taling because plants are good that way….keeping things to themselves.And they love singing so here your chance to practice that voice that going to take you to stardom without being mocked or laughed at…..

Become your own best friend:

Encourage and inspire yourself with positive talks that your plant will be a most happy audience for.Lapping up every word. And as you become more positive everyday…watch your life change and your plant thrive.

Breathing :

Breathing deeply is an amazing benefit.Deep breathing increases the supply of oxygen to your brain and stimulates your nervous system which promotes a state of calmness.Deep breathing makes you feel connected to your body, it quiets your mind and is one of the best ways to lower stress.So as you inhale deeply and exhale slowly close to your plant, it happily absorbs your carbon dioxide and return the favour by giving you oxygen.It’s a win -win situation.Deep breathing oxygenate your blood and triggers the release of endorphins. ..the happy hormone, and rid your body of the stress hormone causing your heart rate to slow down.


We wear armbands,use stickers to remind us of what we want to remember.Your plant wants to do that for you.Being beautiful and a living organism your plant can become your greatest motivator of where you are planning to go.So when you feeling gloomy and depressed looking at your plant will remind you of all the secrets and good things you told your plant.

Get a plant and start sowing positive seeds in your life because what you sow, you will reap….

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