Splendid Reasons to have indoor Plants

Splendid Reasons to have indoor Plants


Plants don’t only beautify your home but their benefits are so much more.EVeryone wants their homes to look glamorous and decor ain’t cheap or easy on the pocket.So when you embellish your interior spaces with house Plants, you not just adding greenery.These living organisms interact with your body;mind and home in ways that enhances the quality of life.


There are tons of studies showing the benefits of having plants in every room in your house.One famous NASA experiment from 1989 found that indoor plants can scrub the air of cancer causing compounds because they are natural air purifiers. Did you know that air pollution is more of a hazzard than water pollution? The particles are so tiny.A strand of hair is 30 times wider than the largest particle and even worst invisible to the naked eye,you just cannot see it.These particles goes into your bloodstream and into your lungs and irritate your airways. So you cough and wheeze for no reason you know of.Luckily we are fearfully and wonderfully made so our bodies will eject these foreigners but it’s totally cool to have some help from a plant that will absorb the toxin before it makes its way into your body.


Full your house with plants.It takes 4 minutes to fall in love, fall in love with our beautiful creations.

  1. They will absorb the toxins.
  2. Filter microbes like mould,dust, and bacteria.
  3. Increase humidity.

The University of Norway found that a house with plants helps dry skin because they add moisture to the air.

A plant at your desk at work will help you become more productive and improve your memory giving you better concentration.The University of Michigan has found plants helps memory retention by 20 %.

A plant in your bathroom will never complain about your singing so hit that high notes.

A plant in your bedroom is going to do wonders for your health.The amount of CO2 given off by plants at night is far less than humans or pets.That’s right a plant next to your bedcan help you get a better nights rest.According to a NASA study,houseplants not only produce additional oxygen for your room but more oxygen at night is much better for a good deep sleep.

Why but an air purifier,buy a plant because plants purify 85% if the air in smokers areas.and besides they so much prettier

Why loose your ties with nature just because you live inside a structure


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